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About us

The Philip J Steele Foundation encourages, mentors, and supports students in the Colorado visual arts community through art scholarships and art education programs. We believe that art education is essential to everyone because it develops self expression, innovation, and critical thinking.

Our founder

Philip J. Steele was an artist and teacher. He specialized in teaching human anatomy and figure drawing. The schools he taught at early in his career included the School of Visual Arts- New York, the Omaha Art School,and Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver. 


In 1963, Steele founded the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD). For over 25 years, he inspired his students with his charisma, passion, and keen sense of humor. He dreamed that all art students would have the opportunity for higher education.






“A lot of artists try to look for the trends of what’s happening in the art world today, which to me is a mistake.  I paint what I like to paint and that’s the way you are true to yourself instead of trying to impress."

Philip J Steele

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